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This site promotes information about the Earth, and explains the Expanding Earth Theory. We introduce hard to ignore new visual evidence with information, history, charts, and links to resources. A unique 12″ Globe stand was developed to easily understand, measure and plot earth features.
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WHY SHOULD You READ THIS? Because the most vital science foundations you have been taught are not as accurate as you believe, and the alternative will eventually shake your world.

Standard Science Dogma, from the Big Bang to Plate Tectonics to Evolution of Species, Atmosphere, Oceans, land masses etc, accepted the theory of a constant size earth. Not because it has been proven, but because it was the most obvious assumption that seemed to synchronize best, with all of the other theories. (And scientists likely assumed it had been proven). There are strong alternatives to each theory above, however. These Alternatives also synchronize to form a totally different science view. The Earth is Expanding. Mass is increasing. Gravity is increasing. The climate for millions of years has been cooling.

This site adds the new information that there are Four Points on the Earth Surface that are directing this expansion. The location of these sites indicates a source related to the Magnetic Poles and to the Solar Plane. This evidence cannot be explained by Plate Tectonic recreations. READ MORE

Surface features (red) locate…
Great Circles through Spain, Italy, India, Red Sea and Persian Gulf…
Surface features (blue) locate …
Great Circles
Great Circles

Great Circles

… a point South of Australia and West of Greenland
… also connect to the Greenland and Australia Points
… a point in South America and the Taiwan Point

Drawn Great Circles plot 4 key geographic points
which continue to reorient the Earth’s Crust


  • Learn the Expanding Earth Theory & History
  • Plot the new surface feature evidence
  • Explore extensive references
  • Realize the Earth needs to be re-measured
  • Develop the implications and opportunities …
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