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      BK.005 Our Expanding Earth: The Ultimate Cause

Our Expanding Earth: The Ultimate Cause Our Expanding Earth: The Ultimate Cause
By Dr. Dan Bridges, Petroleum Engineer

This book refutes the standard beliefs in Meteor Impacts such as Chicxulub.

Dr. Dan Bridges, a petroleum geologist, in this book focuses primarily on examining what the world believes are Meteor Impact sites such as the famous Chicxulub site in the Yucatan believed to be the cause of the dinosaur demise 65 MA years ago. Dan is convinced and shows that most of these sites are volcanic in origin from forces below, and that Chicxulub in particular was a super volcano.

Chicxulub site location
Images from Wikipedia and NASA

I believe he is correct. For me, just looking at the Chicxulub site location says it was a super volcano. If a meteor hit the earth it would have a ~30% chance of hitting entirely on land and a ~70% chance of hitting entirely in the ocean. The Expanding Earth Theory would say that land gets stretched apart and causes weak zones, such as the continental shelves. Chicxulub is partly on land, partly on water and straddles evenly the very thin continental shelf, a weak zone. Highly unlikely for a meteor hit. So just visually, likely a super-volcano. (Use Google Images to search for “Chicxulub” for additional pictures.)

This is the same surprising visual location of the Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater Site ( … another theoretical crater impact site). One impact site, perhaps, but not two on the continental shelf separated by 30 million years. Volcanic origins must be considered. Click here to see Wikimedia Commons images of the Chesapeake Bay Impact Crater Site.

This book lists many of the supposed impact sites for reappraisal. Most of these sites developed due to explosive high pressure gaseous emissions from deep within the Earth. Dr. Bridges also provides an inclusive history of the Expanding Earth Theories. He believes in the Expanding Earth but has trouble accepting “mass creation” in the core (eg Carey and this web-site). He therefore supports a previously ultra dense earth that expanded with an increase in gravity over time. The book is highly technical but the average reader can skim those parts and gain invaluable evidence on “meteor” sites for his deep pressure theories. This book should be available in every Geology library and read by those who feel dinosaurs did not end in one brief moment of time. Since the “Cause” was the expanded earth, a publisher couldn’t be found and so the book was self published and is difficult to obtain. —KW

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