About this Site

The purpose of this site is to present new visual evidence for the Expanding Earth Theory. The site simply and graphically explains the science behind the theory to a broader range of people. Important reference sites, books, and information about the Expanding Earth are presented to increase availability. Numerous books and thousands of articles have been written on this theory for the last 100 years, but they are not often easy to find. History shows that no theories are absolutely correct. All of these observations won’t be either. Some, however, will be. And so the subject needs to be thrown open.

The best of science teaches that all alternatives should be listed and considered and periodically reviewed. Assumptions should be avoided, or at least identified. On important theories, this is not always done. Plate Tectonics Theory was developed on the assumption and belief of a constant size earth. Let us consider what Sam Carey and others taught; that the Earth is expanding now in radius about 1″ per year. The rate of expansion is increasing. Over millions of years, this has led to all of the visible movement apart of the continents. This simple alternative premise leads to dramatic changes in how we view numerous other major science theories. New Minerals. Methane Creation. Fossil Fuels. Fresh and salt water source. Increasing Gravity. Huge dinosaur size. Extinction causes. Super volcanoes. Global temperature changes. Mountain formation. Hot spot plumes. Let us consider the Expanding Earth Theory is the best “alternative” to Plate Tectonics and develop the proofs and evidence.

We are bound in our thoughts by what we have been taught and by our past perceptions. When our perceptions are incorrect, we can easily be misled. Once our perceptions are altered, we can see the Earth is possibly Expanding. Once this possibility is considered, then can we see the cause and the tremendous implications of global expansion that are now being ignored.

Plate Tectonic Theory does maintain that the earth is expanding at the Mid-Ocean Ridges. Here there is no conflict between the two theories. To compensate for this expansion, the theory of subduction was developed. Subduction theory states that the created ocean crust later moves back into the earth at descending chutes, like a down escalator. Subduction theory has many problems and is widely disputed. Subduction evidence is all in-direct and none is direct. No object has ever been seen to be subducted. No object has ever been placed and measured being subducted. The radius of the earth is the final arbiter. The earth was accurately and precisely measured but once in 1983 and a second reading has never been taken. This is the “crucial experiment” never conducted. Most think GPS and other space “Geodesy” methods prove Plate Tectonics. In fact the major study published in 1993 found a consistent ¾” vertical rise of land sites (radius increase) but zeroed out the evidence as being unlikely. GPS now uses this assumption.

This site presents new and visual evidence through the use of Great Circles that continental areas are being moved and reshaped by powerful forces from within the earth. Major earth features align to just a few Key Points on the earth surface. Four of these points align in their own great circle. The location of these points indicates the expansion force from below is correlated to the earth’s magnetic core, and also to forces from the solar plane. Understanding this “force from within” will open up dramatic new opportunities.

The Expanding Earth Knowledge Globe Stand was developed because it is a necessary tool to draw Great Circles and antipodes and take measurements, and later to understand the importance of “precession”. Incredibly, these simple drawing and measuring tools for understanding Earth Science have not been available, even to professionals. Every drawing can be replicated so each individual can conduct their own proof. The stand is not necessary to follow this site, and its commercialization is not the primary reason for the site. Patents were applied for and granted to maintain “priority” in a peer review world where significant alternative viewpoints do not get published.

Expanding Earth Theory at EEarthK.com Keith Wilson
St. Paul, Minnesota, USA