The Higgs Bison Dilemma

The Higgs Bison Dilemma
And what to do about it . . .

By Keith Wilson

Standard Science’s Dogma’s, Paradigms and Peer review processes attempt to force consensus and minimize divergent alternative positions. This is true in many theories, but especially in the four Biggest Paradigms: 1) Plate Tectonics, 2) The Big Bang Theory, 3) Darwin Evolution, and 4) Einstein’s Relativity. It is the Herd Instinct for self survival and career advancement. There is something good and decent with all of these theories, but all are incomplete and in need of new alternatives. There is a well worn path where nearly all researchers are driven, with the desire to find something “New”. Absurd on the face of it, that new stuff will be found where everybody else looks.

The Big Bang Theory (developed in 1927) and the basic structure of Physics knowledge is premised on the belief that all mass was found in a very compact primordial egg which then exploded and formed the ever expanding Universe. All mass was there. No new mass could be created. Eureka! No alternatives needed. A few problems as to size and scope were discovered as telescopes improved and more galaxies were found (See Article 1), but the simple foundational fact that 95% of the Mass and Energy can’t be located to make the theory work seems to not have troubled many with the highest degrees (PhD’s, not Cº or Fº).

Higgs Boson,Higgs Bison
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So now the Herd is stampeding to find the Higgs Boson, a speculated particle (but never seen) that will provide for the missing mass. The hugest, most expensive Atom Smasher in the world has now been built in CERN, Switzerland. The Bison-like herd has left America and is stamping to Europe in search of this elusive particle. Because, if found, all will be well with the theory. If not found, more billions of $’s will be spent and all will be well with the theory. That’s the way Dogma’s and Paradigms work and reward their true believers.

In a light hearted way (with only a mere touch of irony and scorn) Michael and I developed a graphic to represent what researchers of alternative theories should do. Should they throw themselves into the path of the herd and with Truth on their side, miraculously convince the herd to alter course? Again, absurd on the face of it, but often tried. Our condolences.

No, the graphic indicates that the Higgs Bison Herd should be directly avoided at all costs. As much dramatic flair as possible is recommended. The goal is to get away from the Herd. Let them pass. Think, do the necessary research, and convince the folks that matter. Those folks aren’t running with the herd.

Michael is the brilliant Graphic Illustrator (not me). We both believe that contrary to Plate Tectonics Dogma, the Earth is not of constant size but that it Expanding in radius about 1″ per year. This Growth has caused the movement apart of the continents and many other phenomena (like lower gravity at the age of Dino’s) that cannot be considered by the Plate Tectonic true believers. For more information see our sites: and

The causes and effects of this Growth/Expansion are felt throughout the Universe. Seems like something new could be found somewhere within this broad hunting ground. All it takes is a little Flair, and the Gumption to not follow the herd.

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